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Qualifications Check

Students often wonder about the following things when it comes to studying abroad:

Edupark Asia -  Free Qualifications Check
Edupark Asia -  Free Qualifications Check

What are the requirements for studying abroad?

Do I meet the admission criteria?

What are the programs available for studying abroad?

What are the universities that offer the choice of my programs?

How can I prepare for studying abroad?

We believe each student is different and his programs of interest, financial situation and location of universities or choice of destination countries are also different. As a student it is equally important for you to get factual counseling so that you can make an informed decision about studying abroad.

Edupark Asia aims to provide you all the required information and facts before you can apply. In order to receive the information related to study abroad in the country of choice:

  • Determine which country you would like to apply.
  • Have three options for your program of interest in the order of your preference

Once you are ready with the above information, please complete one of the following forms to get a free qualifications check based on in which country you are interested to study:

Once, you have completed one of the forms, we shall get back to you within 24 hours during normal days and within 48 hours during peak season and either schedule an online session for consultation or send you all the required details in your email.

During the assessment of your qualifications, we shall provide you the following things:

  • List of possible programs and universities where you can study the program you are interested in.
  • If you do not meet entry requirements, what you need to do to meet the entry requirements.
  • The overall cost that will incur for your studies
  • The required documents for your Application for offer
  • Important information regarding visa and others.