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Edupark Asia is an education consulting and test preparation centre company focussed on supporting Nepalese students to achieve their dreams.

Edupark Asia -  Our Services

How can Edupark Asia help you?

At Edupark Asia, we believe success comes with a proper plan and execution right at the start and each student needs a different strategy be it for the university application and or visa application. Each country has its own regulations for international students. We lay the groundwork for your, prepare you for your tests, process your university applications and support you with the visa application preparation and stay in touch even after you have reached your study destination.

Edupark Asia offers one of the finest preparations and advising services for students who are interested in studying in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada. We offer test preparation for IELTS and PTE for students who would like to take the test for application processes.

We can help you in a number of ways if you are confused about what to do or what to study in Nepal or abroad or how to study abroad.

Academic Advising

It does not matter whether you want to study abroad of in Nepal, you can always drop at Edupark Asia and seek the advice that you need to launch your career. We deploy a very different consultation approach where we strive to provide you a detailed guidance for your higher studies without any cost.

Study abroad consultation

Students often have confusions to choose from a number of countries and what career path they should follow after they have completed their 10+2 or their bachelor degree. We can help you in your decision making based on your academics, test preparation score, program of interest and guide you for your study placement in the country of your choice.

Registration for your Examinations

At Edupark Asia, you can get all the relevant information regarding the examination registration for IELTS or PTE and how you can register We regularly assess your level of preparedness during the course so as to guide you regarding what time would be the best to appear for such examinations.

Test preparation

We offer IELTS - Academic and PTE Academic preparation courses which is normally required if you are planning to study abroad in an English speaking country. Our preparation courses are very intensive and offered face to face and also online.

Application for offer

We offer our students various choices where they can apply for their higher studies and support them with their application for offer, help them with the required documentation for the transfer of the tuition fees.

Documentation Guidance

Students applying abroad may not have the complete details of the financial documents that may be required in the course of visa application. At Edupark Asia, we guide you about how to procure or which are the relevant authorities from where you can get the necessary documents such as bank loan and income source certificates from in addition to what documents may be required for your visa application.

Visa Application

We support our in process students with expert guidance from the start of the visa process to the arrival of the student in his/her destination country. We have a very rigorous process of cross check of all the details before the submission of the application to ensure that it is error free. 

Accommodation Applications

From the very start of the process, we get your applications submitted to the halls of residence at the university or look for accommodation to suit your budget and needs to make sure that your transition in your study destination is smooth and hassle free.


Be it whether Travel Medical insurance for your travel or health insurance for/during your study period, we provide all the required information and help you get the best insurance coverage so that you are stress free from day one.

Pre-departure Briefing

Pre-departure briefing is an important part of the whole application process which helps you to understand the formalities and requirements and how to manage your day to day life apart from your studies. We also provide tips on part time job hunting in addition to the upon arrival formalities in your destination country.