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Prepare for IELTS at Edupark Asia

IELTS Preparation classes at Edupark Asia 

Edupark Asia offers one of the finest IELTS preparation classes for your IELTS examination to help you achieve your desired score for university admission and visa application. At Edupark Asia, you can be assured of a great IELTS preparation and learning experience from day one. 

At Edupark Asia, you will prepare for IELTS Examination in small groups with individual attention and personal support in an environment where we encourage learning and rigorous testing of your English proficiency as you progress with the preparation. 

Why prepare for IELTS Examination at Edupark Asia?

There are a number of reasons to prepare for your IELTS test at Edupark Asia. Some of them are as follows:

A whole new approach to IELTS preparation

Since decades, the IELTS preparation was standard 30-40 hours course and with our new approach, we changed the preparation hours from 30 to 54 hours course, apart from the mock tests, which will not only prepare you for the test but also help in improving your English language skills. Good preparation needs enough time and a dedicated approach and that is what we do at Edupark Asia to improve your IELTS scores.

Redesigned IELTS Preparation course

Edupark Asia aims to offer you the best preparation for your IELTS Examination and at the same time improving your English language skills in order to help you get the score you need. Our completely redesigned course will help you to go much deeper and understand your own weaknesses and improve it before taking the real test.

More practice, better Scores!

Our IELTS class is designed in a way to support you with more practice materials not only outside the classroom but also during the class where you will get to know your weaknesses immediately after evaluation. For us each student is important and we focus on individual student’s weaknesses and ensure that these things are improved before you take the real test.

Small Class sizes, Excellent Scores!

Our IELTS preparation consists of a maximum of 10 participants which allows you to interact individually and practice more and ask more questions. We believe the standard size of IELTS preparation classes should not be more than 10 participants otherwise the teacher is not able to support the students on an individual basis in and outside the classroom.

Overview- IELTS Preparation


Intensive IELTS


6 weeks


6780 NPR

Course Hours

54 Hours

Course days

Sun to Fri

Course starts 

Every week

How can I enroll in IELTS classes at Edupark Asia?

  1. Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive instructions for payment of the course fees and our bank account details in your email or pay in person.
  2. Upon transfer of the course fees to our bank account, please send us a clear image of the transfer slip.
  3. Once the payment is credited to our bank account, you will receive confirmation of a place in preparation classes.

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