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Travelling for your study and Covid -19

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There are some extra things that you need to take into consideration when travelling abroad for your studies because of the Pandemic caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

International Travels

As a student, you should check the government website of destination countries which provides up-to-date information and guidance for people entering the country, including steps you should take before you travel and access to forms you will need to fill out.

Quarantine for International students

If you are travelling to your destination country where your university is located, you may need to self-isolate (quarantine). This is usually a period of self-isolation for two weeks. If you are living in university-managed accommodation for the year, your quarantine period may be free of charge as long as you arrive two weeks before the course start date. It is recommended that you check with the university and the housing department of your university.

If you have to quarantine, you will move straight to your room when you arrive. Information on quarantine rules and what you can expect from accommodation services will be provided to you in advance in most cases, however, make sure you check for yourself too.

Support for international students in Quarantine

If you are living in university accommodation, you will be provided with a care package for your quarantine period by most universities. This may include extra bedlinen (as you won’t be able to use the laundry during quarantine), a kitchen starter pack and information on food deliveries.

Documenting your Quarantine

Before you arrive, you will need to submit a form which details the location of your stay during your studies. This usually includes details of the address you where you will be in self-isolation. This can be your private accommodation or the university’s accommodation address, which you will receive before you travel.

Registration with authorities

In most of the cases, you won’t be penalised for failing to register with the authorities during the quarantine period. It is strongly recommended that you visit the webpages of the relevant authorities where you need to register. If there is a deadline or something for registration, please do not hesitate to send them an email and inform them regarding your quarantine by email.

Public Transportation Guidance

Please check the city’s website or the university’s website regarding the transportation guidelines and how to move around the city after your quarantine period.

Making Travel arrangements

If you develop coronavirus symptoms during your travel to study destination inform your driver or the crew in addition to public health authorities and you will be informed on what to do next.

You should only use public transport for your arrival if there are no other options. It is possible to pre-book a taxi from the airport/train station in advance using ride apps.

When travelling around the city whether, by public transport or taxi, you must wear a face-covering or face mask. There may be fines in place if you do not comply with this requirement.

In most of the cases, you should check the university’s website regarding the COVID-19 travel guidelines and contact the international office if you need more information before travelling to the campus.