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Living in UK can be a life changing experience and a great learning opportunity for the students. The cost of living however depends upon where the student is residing in UK and also the lifestyle of the student. A national survey conducted in 2017 in the UK found that on average a student spends GBP 125 per week for accommodation. However, students in Northern Ireland were spending GBP 91 per week as compared to GBP 185 in London. Accommodation rates therefore vary according to the place of residence in the UK. Besides accommodation the same survey also revealed that students spent GBP 75 to GBP 100 per month on utilities and internet.

Other average living costs in the UK

  • It would cost about GBP30- GBP 42 per week for groceries while a meal in a pub or restaurant can be about GBP 12- GBP 17
  • Depending on the course the cost for books and course material would be at least GBP 30
  • For mobile phone at least GBP 15/ GBP 22 a month
  • Gym membership (Optional) costs roughly GBP 32- GBP 45 a month
  • In terms of entertainment TV cable connection would cost GBP 147 per year. A cinema ticket costs roughly GBP 10- GBP 14
  • Depending on your spending habits, you might spend GBP 35- GBP 55 or so on clothing each month
  • Going out with friends would be at least GBP 40 for drinks and food in London but slightly lower in other parts.

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