Cities in Australia


State: South Australia
Population: 1.2 million
Adelaide has a distinctly English feel, with its Anglican churches and more formal manners (compared to other cities in Australia). It is a peaceful city with beaches and hills nearby, and it is also famous for its music and arts festivals—it calls itself the festival city!

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State: Queensland
Population: 2 million
Brisbane is the capital of the sunshine state: Queensland. On Australia’s eastern seaboard, it is the closest capital city to Asia.The beach and the sea plays a central part in coastal Queensland life, and some of Australia’s best beaches are not far away.

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State: Australian Capital Territory
Population: 403,468
Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory, is Australia’s capital city. It is home to the parliament and some of the best educational institutions in the country. Canberra has become a hub for western New South Wales, as well as a major tourist destinations for Australians and international visitors.

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State: Tasmania
Population: 205,000
After Sydney in New South Wales, the Tasmanian Capital-Hobart- is the second oldest city in Australia. Hobart, as the capital of the island of Tasmania (which sits right at the bottom of Australia), is often overlooked.

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State: Victoria
Population: 4.5 million
Melbourne is Victoria’s capital city and the business, administrative, cultural and recreational hub of the state. It is Australia’s second city, and considers itself Sydney’s rival in all matters although its residents are confident that they have the superior cultural scene! Melbourne is very multicultural, with particularly large Italian and Greek communities, meaning that there are many excellent restaurants.

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State: Western Australia
Population: 1.8 million
The capital of Western Australia is the most isolated city in the world! It’s several hours’ flight even from other Australian cities. This gives its own distinctive character and culture. Perth has grown a lot in recent years because of a mining boom in the state.

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State: New South Wales
Population: 4.2 million
Sydney, founded in 1788, is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. The largest city (although Melbourne is close behind) and it really does have it all: stunning beaches, mountains and bush not too far away, multiculturalism, top-class arts and music. It’s no wonder that around 70% of Nepali students head to Sydney.

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