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Budget and Expenses

Edupark Asia -  Budgets and Expenses | Study in Australia from Nepal cost

Study in Australia from Nepal cost

Study in Australia from Nepal cost can significantly fluctuate based on several factors, including the level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, etc.), the specific academic program chosen, the institution opted for, and the geographical location of the university. While studying in Australia might involve considerable costs, strategic budgeting can empower you to effectively manage your financial situation. Explore our comprehensive guide detailing the expenses of study in Australia from Nepal cost. This resource will aid you in crafting a well-informed financial plan for your upcoming journey in Australia.

Tuition fees in Australia are typically computed according to study units or modules, tailored to the individual student's academic requirements (selected modules). Study in Australia from Nepal cost generally covers various aspects regarding tuition fees: coursework encompassing lectures, seminars, and final examinations; access to university facilities, including libraries and computer labs; utilization of equipment and resources pertinent to training. Accommodation costs exhibit variance contingent upon factors such as the accommodation type and geographical region. Regions in the western and northern states of Australia, characterized by more rural settings, often offer more economical options. Conversely, urban locales like those around Sydney tend to entail higher expenses, especially in central areas. Study in Australia from Nepal cost also includes Health insurance, visa fees, lifestyle expenses and other additional costs.

How much does it cost to study in Australia?

The table below should provide you an overview of the costs that will incur under different overheads during the course of your application process for studying in Australia.
Overhead Amount Remarks
IELTS/PTE Preparation NRs 7910 Only for students who would like to join our Intensive test preparation and this is free for our in-process students.
English proficiency test fee Academic IELTS: 21500 NPR or PTE Academic- 170 USD
Medical Examination
Payable to the Immigration Medical Examination centres
No Objection letter NPR 2000 Payable at the Ministry of Education
Tuition fees 10000 AUD/yr on avg for Diploma programs You have the option to pay the minimum deposit of tuition fees required by college or universities, however we highly recommend you to pay the first year tuition fees. 
18000 AUD/yr on avg for Bachelor
22000 AUD/yr on avg for Master
OSHC  $438/year for singles cover, $2,685/year for couples cover and $4,026/year for family cover. You have the option to pay separately or along with the tuition fees to the provider. We recommend you to transfer directly to the college/university instead of looking here and there. 
Visa Application fees 620 AUD for Main applicant & 460 AUD for dependent (above 18 yr) and 150 AUD (below 18Yr) if applying together.  Payable through a credit card or via bank upon submission of the visa application. 
Biometric Collection NPR 3115 Payable to VFS through Demand Draft
Plane fare 70-80K NPR The fare mentioned here is estimated based on COVID -19 situation and may vary from carrier to carrier.
Initial Settlement Expenses 1500 USD This amount will be required for getting settled upon arrival in Australia
Living cost approx. 10000 AUD  This is the living expenses for the first six months and it is highly recommended that you carry the living expenses for the first six months at the time you travel. 

Notes for Dependent Applications:

If you are applying along with dependent, it is important that you take in account the following additional expenses as well:

  1. Additional fees for Medical examination, Biometric collection and visa application fees.
  2. Additional cost of plane fare
Additional living cost for the dependent 

  4. Additional estimation of the financials for the dependent during the visa application for the living cost. 

  5. OSHC cost will be higher for applicants applying with dependent and this is indicated in your offer letter.

Why choose Edupark Asia for studying in Australia?

Edupark Asia offers you excellent study options for your higher education in Australia no matter whether you want to study Diploma, Bachelor or Master. Here are few reasons why you should choose to study in Australia with Edupark Asia.

Shaping outstanding careers

We have already helped shape world class outstanding careers of more than 1000s of students in different countries. You can be assured of the best career advice for your study abroad on day one.

Decade of experience

People at Edupark Asia have years of experience in supporting students for their study abroad and test preparation wishes and have proven track record in education consulting in Nepal.

Professional consultants

Edupark Asia is a team of professional consultants who believe in quality work and top class advising services to students interested in studying abroad for a better future.

Free IELTS Preparation

We offer the best possible Intensive IELTS/PTE Preparation and ensure that you have the required IELTS/PTE score to help you apply for your chosen degree programs in Australia.

Zero Processing fees

We do not charge anything for consultation, offer and the visa processes. Our university and visa application process is very transparent which helps you save a lot.

Excellent Support

We provide excellent support for your applications and throughout the process and even after your arrival in Australia which helps you a smooth start of your studies from Day 1.