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Technically you can study any subject from Architecture to Zoology in Australia in Bachelor and Master degree programs. However, most international students choose programs which have high demand in the industry after graduation and where one can find jobs relatively easily in Australia in addition to having PR points.

As a Nepalese student applying for studying in Australia, you have the option of studying your program of choice at Diploma/Advanced Diploma, Diploma leading to Degree (D to D) also know as Pathway course, Bachelor, Postgraduate qualifying program leading to Master degree, Master by coursework or by research and PhD degrees.

Popular Programs

Although you can study any subject in Australia, however the most popular programs for international students are mainly Accounting, Leadership and Business Management, Hospitality Management, Commercial Cookery, Information Technology, Engineering sciences, Nursing and related subjects like Elderly care & Early Childhood and Childcare, Public Health, Health Administration, Professional Accounting, Natural sciences etc.    


Accounting is one of the most popular programs in Australia at Diploma, Bachelor or Master degree level leading to a very good career outcome upon the completion of the studies. You can study Accounting all over Australia in almost any cities. For most programs a background in Business Management and accounting and good English proficiency documented by IELTS or PTE is required. The tuition costs may vary from university to university or college to college and the degree level you intend to apply for.

Business Management

Business Management education is very popular in Australia and is among the most sought after programs by students from Nepal. Studies in Business Management or Administration enables students to understand the fundamental principles in business in addition to different areas of operations such as finance, human resource management, business administration, decision making etc. It is a broad field of study in Diploma/Advanced Diploma, Bachelor and Master level.

Australia boasts some of the world class Business Schools and many of the MBAs offered in Australia have excellent career outcomes upon the completion of the programs. At the moment programs such as Business Analytics and Applied Finance are in high demand from international students.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management involves the overseeing and the operations of hotels, resorts and restaurants in general and offers different areas of studies from Food and Beverage to Guest services. Students can choose from wide range of specialisations such as commercial cookery, management roles in different areas of hospitality management. 
There are many Diploma/Advanced diploma programs available in the hospitality, tourism and personal services field, which lead to wide variety of jobs.

Students can either start with studying Diploma level programs and gain experience and later join a Bachelor degree program or directly get admitted in a Bachelor or Master program in Hospitality Management. 

Information Technology

Information Technology segment is one of the fast growing industries in Australia and around the world and the demand for high end professionals are increasing year by year. Many international students enrol in computing and Information Technology each year. New courses and specialisations in Information technology, software engineering, game design with integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are being added each year at Diploma/Advanced Diploma, Bachelor and Master level in Australia. Students can study Diploma in IT, Bachelor/Master in Information Technology with a wide range of specialisations in Australia.

Engineering Sciences

Engineering and Technology field of study is one of the most popular fields among international students due to the strength of Australia’s mining and technology industries. Engineering and technology sector is one of the biggest in Australia which employs thousands of people from within and outside Australia.

Student can study Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering or Master of Engineering or Project Management in in their chosen field. Different qualifications at different universities/colleges may have different requirements, however a good academic grade and good English proficiency should be enough for admission in most programs in Australia.

Health Sciences

Health sciences is a very broad field of studies and there are numerous programs for international students to choose from. If you are interested in managing health and wellness of community or working in the healthcare management sector of Australia, studying Health Sciences in Australia will be one of the decisions for your education and career.

You can study Diploma in Early Childhood, geriatric care, Bachelor of Public health, Master of Public health, Bachelor/Master of Health administration and much more at your chosen university or college provided that you meet the entry requirements of specific program in Australia.


Nursing is one of the most sought after degrees in Australia and provides ample job opportunities in the healthcare sector upon the completion of bachelor degrees. It is possible to apply for studying Diploma in Nursing leading to bachelor degree if you have completed your 10+2 in science or Diploma in Nursing from Nepal. You can also apply master degree in Nursing if you have a proper Bachelor degree in Nursing from Nepal. It is important that though Nursing has very good scope in Australia, most students struggle to get the IELTS score required for admission.
If you are seriously planning to study Bachelor or master of Nursing in Australia, you might want to take some English language course upto B2/C1 level for around 4 months before starting your IELTS preparation. Most students do not get the required IELTS Score for studying Nursing in Australia  because preparation of IELTS Examination does not necessarily help you to reach the English proficiency required to score each band 7.0 in IELTS.

Natural Sciences

If you have a passion for discovery and problem-solving then a course in science might be perfect for you. Australia has produced some of the world’s best scientific researchers, who regularly make important discoveries. Most natural science graduates continue further study and research in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, infection and immunology, biotechnology, environmental management or nanotechnology. Natural Sciences prepares you well for the challenges of research, especially in emerging interdisciplinary areas.

Natural Sciences students develop a range of skills that are highly valued by employers and they go into a wide range of careers, for example, recent graduates include a maths teacher, a product development scientist, an investment banking analyst, and a management consultant.

Some of the programs related to Natural Sciences studies in Australia chosen by most students are as follows:

  • Agriculture science

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Biotechnology

  • Food Technology

  • Mathematics

There are thousands of courses apart from the ones mentioned here. If you did not find the program of your interest, please do not hesitate to ask us, as we have many more options for you to choose from, for your higher studies in Australia.

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