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Job Opportunities in Australia

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Part time jobs in Australia for Nepali students

Nepali students in Australia have access to part-time jobs that serve both as a means to support their living expenses and a chance to acquire valuable experience. These opportunities span a diverse spectrum, encompassing roles in retail, hospitality, administration, and tutoring. The Australian student visa typically permits international students to engage in up to 20 hours of work per week during the academic term and full-time hours during breaks. Part-time jobs in Australia for Nepali students are the best way to counter living expenses challenges. 

Part-time jobs in Australia for Nepali students can be in cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, call centers, and more. It's imperative to conduct research on job regulations, strike a balance between work and studies, and utilize the university's career services to seek appropriate part-time job placements.

Working part-time on Australian Student visa

Part-time jobs in Australia for Nepali students are an excellent way to finance some of your costs during your study in Australia. Plenty of part time jobs are available to Nepali students who want to work during their studies in Australia.

However, students should take some time to look for part-time jobs in the area where they want to later on work. For eg. If you are studying Master degree in Information technology, you should try to look for a part time job related to Information technology so that you gain experience in the area where you want to work later on. These part time jobs will not only serve as a source of income but also help you land a job that is relevant to your studies upon the completion of your degree.

In case you do not find something related to your studies initially, you should take up any part time job that is available and keep on looking for the one that is more relevant to our studies.

Australian student visas usually allow full-time degree students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to work up to 40 hours per fortnight in the academic year and unlimited hours during summer holidays. The minimum wage in Australia is currently $15.96 before tax.

Important things to note:

Part time jobs in Australia for Nepali students aren't that difficult to get but you will need to get a Tax File Number (TFN) to work in Australia. To get a TFN, visit the Australian Taxation Office website.

Your rights at work

There are certain rights for international students or anyone working in Australia within the legal boundaries. These rights ensure that you are:

  • are paid a minimum wage
  • can challenge if you are unfairly dismissed from a job
  • receive appropriate breaks and rest periods
  • enjoy a healthy and safe work environment

Post study Work in Australia

Upon the completion of your studies, the first thing that you will need to do is get a new visa if you want to stay and work in Australia.

If you have completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree, you are eligible for post-study work on the Temporary Graduate Visa also known as subclass 485 visa. In case you are not sure how to move ahead, getting advice from someone who is already working in Australia after the completion of his/her studies is a good thing s/he can provide you with further information regarding the process and or how to move ahead, however, the most important thing will be doing your own research.

What is the duration of the post study work in Australia ?

The duration of the post study work in Australia is normally 2 years for Bachelor and Master (taught courses), 3 years for Master by Research and 4 years for PhD in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

International students studying at a regional university will be eligible for an additional 1 or year of post study work visa meaning 3 years for bachelor & master (taught courses). Whether you get an additional one year or two year of post study work visa will depend upon your location.

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