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Intakes in Australia

Edupark Asia -  Intakes and Deadlines

Applying and studying in Australia from Nepal

When you have considered applying and studying in Australia from Nepal, you will have to delve into the simple and also the intricacies of applying and studying in the Land Down Under. This entails understanding the visa prerequisites, choosing the right university, unraveling the intricacies of application procedures, and beyond.

As you journey on this thrilling expedition, rest assured that Edupark’s expert guidance will steer you through the maze of requirements and considerations. But applying and studying in Australia from Nepal also means acquainting yourself with visa regulations, meticulously selecting an institution that aligns with your aspirations, and mastering the application intricacies, you're poised to maximize your international academic endeavor in Australia, making it an enriching and transformative experience.

Australia generally has two intakes per year, however a third intake may also be possible at some universities. We recommend you to start preparing for your applications as early as possible. The intakes for studying in Australia are as follows:

February Intake

  • The semester runs from February to June.
  • You should apply by November whereas the ideal time for applying for the February intake is around September/October which allows you to apply for scholarships and prepare your application for visa thoroughly.
  • You must note that not all the programs may be offered in February intake.

July Intake

  • The semester runs from July to November.
  • As a student you should prepare yourself to apply around March to allow enough time for scholarship application and visa process.
  • This is the most common intake for Nepalese students.
  • A huge number of programs are available in July Intake which offers you wide range of choices for your studies.

November Intake

  • A small number of universities offer certain programs in November intake.
  • The number of program suffered in November intake is usually very less.
  • This is mainly for students who missed the July important.

It makes no difference in the processing of your offer and visa application as long as the choice of your program is available at a university or college that fits your budget.

Multiple Intakes at VET Colleges!

Students applying for Diploma and Advanced Diploma can apply in an interval of 1-2 months as most colleges offer multiple intakes throughout the year. It is important to check with us at Edupark Asia before you plan for your application for offer and visa process for studying in Australia. 

Planning your Application

  • Plan very well in advance before applying.
  • Do not rush to take English proficiency tests such as IELTS/PTE simply because an intake is near while you are preparing for such tests.
  • Try to get good scores in your English proficiency test
  • Allow enough time for your application for offer and visa process.

Why choose Edupark Asia for studying in Australia?

Edupark Asia offers you excellent study options for your higher education in Australia no matter whether you want to study Diploma, Bachelor or Master. Here are few reasons why you should choose to study in Australia with Edupark Asia.

Shaping outstanding careers

We have already helped shape world class outstanding careers of more than 1000s of students in different countries. You can be assured of the best career advice for your study abroad on day one.

Decade of experience

People at Edupark Asia have years of experience in supporting students for their study abroad and test preparation wishes and have proven track record in education consulting in Nepal.

Professional consultants

Edupark Asia is a team of professional consultants who believe in quality work and top class advising services to students interested in studying abroad for a better future.

Free IELTS Preparation

We offer the best possible Intensive IELTS/PTE Preparation and ensure that you have the required IELTS/PTE score to help you apply for your chosen degree programs in Australia.

Zero Processing fees

We do not charge anything for consultation, offer and the visa processes. Our university and visa application process is very transparent which helps you save a lot.

Excellent Support

We provide excellent support for your applications and throughout the process and even after your arrival in Australia which helps you a smooth start of your studies from Day 1.