Tuition Fees in Australia

Tuition fee is one of the most important costs that has to be borne by students aspiring to study in Australia. Tuition costs alone makes significant chunk of funds that is required by students to pay at universities and colleges in Australia in order to get good quality education.

The tuition fees can vary from university to university or program to program and also based on the type of degrees. Especially clinical degrees with hospital integration and Engineering or other specialised degrees tend to be more expensive compared to the most sought after or easily available programs in Bachelor and master degree level.

The cost of Diploma in Nursing can be around 25000 AUD whereas the cost of Diploma in Accounting can be around 10000 AUD per year but it can also vary based on the fact where you choose to study i.e. at a private college or a TAFE or a university or at a Pathway college leading to Bachelor degrees. 

Tuition fees can vary according to the programs or the ranking of universities in Australia. If a university is highly ranked such as the University of Sydney, you should expect to pay high amount of tuition fees. However, a similar course can be easily found at other universities where the tuition fee is much lower and easily affordable for Nepalese students. 

The tuition fee at Master degree level in Australia is usually more expensive than Bachelor level studies, however the tuition fee at Bachelor degree level (highly ranked university) can be more expensive than tuition fee for master degree level at a normal university. 

Similarly tuition fee for domestic students usually much cheaper than that of international students in Australia. Here is a brief range of tuition fees for VET programs, Bachelor, Master and doctoral studies. 

  • TVET courses: AUD 7,000 - AUD 14000
  • Bachelor degree: 16000-30000 AUD
  • Masters: 20,000 to 30,000 AUD
  • Doctoral: AU$ 14,000 to AU$ 37,000 (Costs could vary greatly by whether or not the PhD stipend is more)

This is for your general estimation purposes only and you must check the exact tuition fees at the time of your process for university/college application. We highly recommend you to choose a program that fits your budget or else it may be difficult for you to finance your education once you are in Australia. The overall tuition fee tends to be much cheaper for Nepalese students when compared to universities in USA.

Scholarships in Australia

Many universities offer scholarships to International students to help manage the cost and encourage them to study in Australia. There are a wide range of scholarships available for academic qualified students. One of the major criteria for scholarship is above average academic grades and excellent English proficiency scores. 

Some universities offer waivers to students applying for certain subjects to encourage them to apply. The waivers can be up to 25 to 30 percent depending upon the universities.

Some universities do offer a flat rate scholarship for students coming from a certain region to promote diversity within the classroom or make the study programs more inclusive with students from all over the world. Students maintaining excellent grades during the study periods are also considered for discounts on the tuition fees by the higher education institution where they study.

Most Nepalese students applying to study in Australia often receive waivers on the tuition fees which can be a substantial amount and up to 10000 Australian Dollars on the tuition fees for the first year or for the whole program. However, such scholarships are limited in numbers and you must apply as early as possible and the deadlines for such scholarships are usually much earlier than the official deadline for the scholarship period. 

Edupark Asia will support you to apply for one of these scholarships. You are requested to check with us in detail regarding the scholarships offered by different institutions.

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