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Budget and Expenses
Study in Canada Cost

study in canada cost

Study in Canada cost from Nepal

When considering the study in Canada cost from Nepal, it's important to note that Canada is not as expensive as other foreign study destinations and holds a distinguished position as a leading global education destination. It presents a wide spectrum of experiences and possibilities within a country celebrated for its cultural communities, scenic natural settings, dynamic urban ambiance, and inherent beauty. To provide you study in Canada cost from Nepal, we will dissect the expenses tied to embarking on educational journeys in Canada. We'll also explore the living costs for individuals originating from Nepal, all while offering a thorough and exhaustive breakdown of the primary expenditures involved in this pursuit.

Canada emerges as an exceptionally cost-effective choice considering study in Canada cost from Nepal. The overall expenditure linked to studying in Canada, with tuition fees constituting the primary bulk, tends to be somewhat more economical in comparison to other renowned international study destinations like the United States and Australia. The tuition fees are subject to variation based on the chosen Canadian university, but on average, they fall within the range of CAD 15,000 to CAD 35,000.

Study in Canada cost from Nepal includes your day-to-day expenses are accommodation, transportation, nourishment, and health insurance, all of which fluctuate depending on the specific Canadian city you opt to reside in. Prior to delving into the finer details of the overall study costs in Canada, it is important to gain an overview of the expenses related to studying in Canada in terms of Nepali rupees.

Tuition Fees in Canada

The expense associated with international students studying in Canada mainly encompasses the tuition fees levied by universities. Study in Canada cost from Nepal costs change depending on variables such as the nature of the course, global recognition, and geographical location. At leading Canadian universities, the mean tuition fees can extend to as much as CAD 35,000. Below, we have provided the study in Canada cost from Nepal.

Undergraduate courses

The mean expenditure for pursuing a bachelor's degree in various disciplines in Canada stands at approximately between CAD 12,000 to CAD 25,000. The study in Canada cost from Nepal is different for specialized programs like Engineering and Medicine. For these courses, the average will slightly go up.

Postgraduate Courses

Numerous students opt for postgraduate or master's degree programs following their undergraduate studies. The study in Canada cost from Nepal for postgraduate programs, which also encompasses MBBS in Canada, hovers at roughly between CAD 14,000 to CAD 35,000. MBA programs, specifically Executive MBA courses, come with a higher price tag. The typical expense for an Executive MBA totals CAD 57,000, whereas conventional MBA programs carry an approximate cost of CAD 28,000.

How much does it cost to study in Canada?

The table below should provide you an overview of the costs that will incur under different overheads during the course of your application process for studying in Canada.
IELTS/PTE Preparation
NRs 7910
Only for students who would like to join our Intensive test preparation and this is free for our in process students.
English proficiency test fee
Academic IELTS : 21500 NPR
Recommended if you are applying for Bachelor/Master level
No Objection letter
2000 NPR
Payable at the Ministry of Education
Tuition fees
Around $12,000 to $25,000 per year for Bachelor

From CAD $14,000 to CAD $35,000 per year for Master
It is highly recommended that you pay the tuition fees for the first year of your study if possible.
Medical Test
120 USD
Payable to IOM for Medical test
Visa Application fees
Payable at the time of submission of the visa application at VFS Nepal
Plane fare
80-90K NPR
The fare mentioned here is estimated based on COVID -19 situations and may vary from carrier to carrier.
Initial Settlement Expenses
1500-1800 USD
This amount will be required for getting settled upon arrival in Canada
Living cost
Approx. 12,000 CAD$
This is the living expenses for a year and it is highly recommended that you carry the living expenses for the first six months of your studies in Canada.

If you are applying along with dependent, it is important that you take in account the following additional expenses as well:

  • Visa Application fees: same as applicant
  • Initial settlement expenses: more or less same as applicant

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