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Process Overview

Edupark Asia -  Canada study process from Nepal

Canada study process from Nepal

When Nepalese students decide to study in Canada, it's natural to have confusions about the application process, regardless of the country they come from. Canada study process from Nepal requires planning. Before commencing the study abroad journey, certain essential items must be addressed, along with specific conditions to be followed for applying for a Study Permit in Canada. To pursue their education in Canada, Nepalese students must acquire both a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Study permit for Canada from Nepal

Getting a study permit for Canada from Nepal requires following several essential steps. To begin with, you must obtain acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. Once you have received the official acceptance letter, it is necessary to gather all the required documents for your application. These documents include proof of acceptance from the DLI, a valid passport, evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses in Canada, and, if applicable, the results of a medical exam. The application process is typically conducted online through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website or a Visa Application Centre (VAC) located in Nepal.

Let's delve into the detailed explanation of the study process for studying in Canada:

1. Counseling

This is the first stage of Canada study process from Nepal. During this stage, we assess your academic qualifications and grades, English proficiency, and financials and inform you whether you meet the requirements for studying in Canada or not, or what you need to study in Canada.

2. Choose your Course and Institution

Upon assessment of your qualifications and other things, we shall guide you for the selection of university based on your budget and the program that you are interested in.

3. Application for offer

Submit the required documents such as academic transcripts and certificates, English language test report, statement of purpose and additional documents if required.

4. Visa Application

a) Pay Tuition Fee

After accepting your offer from your education provider, you must pay the tuition fee as mentioned in the offer letter. This payment is made by International Wire Transfer. Once the institutions have received and processed your tuition fee payment, they will issue you with a receipt. This receipt will be needed to lodge your Canada student visa application. This is an important part of  the Canada study process from Nepal 

b) Undertake Medicals

You will now need to take a medical examination with a doctor approved by the Canadian government.

You can find a list of approved panels by visiting:

You will be provided a receipt for the medical, which is required when you apply for a visa. The medical report will automatically be transferred to the visa office.

c) Submit your visa application online

Upon payment of the required fees, you will submit your visa Application online.

d) Book an Appointment

Book an appointment for submission of the visa application at VFS Kathmandu.

e) Submit your application

Visit the VFS along with all the required documents for visa application and the visa application fees (150$).The same amount is required for the dependents as well.

5. Outcome of your visa application

The processing time for a student visa in Canada is usually about 4-6 weeks. You can visit the Canadian consulate website to know the approximate time taken to process the student visa. You will also receive online messages regarding your application. Once you have received your visa, you will need to plan your travel to Canada.

6. Confirm your accommodation & flight

Before you travel to Canada, it is important that your accommodation and flight is confirmed in addition to ensuring the carry of enough funds for your living during your study there in Canada.

7. Arrival at the university

Once you have arrived at the university, register at the international office of the university. The semester usually kicks off with an orientation followed by classes.

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