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UK degrees are among the most sought-after degrees in the world!

A degree from a UK university or college would open doors for students and allow them to pursue the career of their choice. During their study in UK students are exposed to the latest research and practices that allow them to continue on to be leaders in their areas. A degree in the UK can be of 4 types which are diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate (PhD).

Foundation/Pathway programs

These are preparatory courses for seeking admission into universities through English Language learning programs or foundation-level courses. Pathway programs can help enter university-level studies in the country and help strengthen your language skills as well. These are offered by education providers to help students who need extra assistance to gain admission.

A foundation is not exactly a degree but a preparatory course for students who are not eligible for direct entry at a university in the UK. Sometimes a student may be required to take a foundation course apart from the regular bachelor degree whereas in some cases it can be an International Foundation year directly leading to 2nd year bachelor degree upon the completion. In all cases, it is highly recommended to apply for universities offering combined or a single CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for studies) in the UK.

Students should not apply for a one-year foundation course only otherwise they will have to come back to Nepal and reapply for bachelor degree. Sometimes it can be referred as a Diploma degree as well. There are several Higher National Diploma degrees on offer at many colleges in the UK but at the moment most of them are not listed as Awarding Bodies and TIER 4 Sponsor.

Bachelor degrees

A Bachelor degree is awarded by colleges and universities. It is undertaken by students who have completed their high school and meet the entrance criteria of the college/university. Most bachelor degree is 3 years in UK but may be longer for Medicine and other technical streams.

The normal duration of Bachelor degree in the UK is 3 years in England, Wales and Northern Ireland whereas it is of 4 years duration in Scotland.

Sandwich degrees

In so many cases 3-year Bachelor degrees may have an additional year of industrial experience or work placement and these degrees are also known as Sandwich degree programs.

Integrated degrees

A few programs may also have the duration of 4 years directly leading to Master degrees also known as Integrated programs. Here the first-degree students receive is a direct master degree and these are also known as Integrated degrees/courses.


A Master degree is awarded by colleges and universities. It is undertaken by students who have completed their Bachelor degree or equivalent and meet the entrance criteria of the college/university. Most Master degree in UK is 1 year but may be longer for Medicine and other Technical areas. A Master degree in UK may be an all taught subject based or research based or a blend of both.

Master degree programs are more specific and involve in-depth study. Most master’s degrees have duration of one year, which means you can be back in the workforce faster than your counterparts pursuing masters in other countries. There is a plethora of courses to choose from including niche courses that are highly valued in the industry.

Master with Placement year

There are Master degree programs with the duration of 2 years where the students study first year at the university and have an additional year of industrial experience before they receive their degrees. Such Master programs are highly valued and students at the end of the Master degree already have a one-year industrial experience making them job ready.

Students undertaking the Master degree with a placement year have a very good chance of finding a job in their field of studies upon graduation.


The Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) is one of the highest degrees that university/college can award. It is a research-based degree where students only with a previous master degree can apply. A typical PhD in UK last between 3 to 5 years depending upon the research length.

Popular Programs 

Although a very wide range of areas are available for study in UK, Nepalese students going to UK tend to focus in certain programs. However whichever field of study that students choose they can be guaranteed of a world class degree and learning experience second to none. Students tend to choose their programs based on their interest and / or future trend.

Students going UK have the opportunity to more than adequately research their field of study and degree including its relevance in the professional world. Some of the popular courses of Nepalese students in UK are:

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance programmes in the UK will provide students with a unique perspective on economics, mathematics, political science, psychology and sociology. Students also learn how to prepare and interpret financial information, as well as learning a theoretical and practical understanding of finance and accounting.

Architecture and Design

Architecture is the study of design and mechanics behind the construction of buildings. UK universities who teach Architecture, focus not only on the technological and design side but also the cultural and historical aspect of architecture.


A degree in Biotechnology will provide students with the skills needed to succeed in the area of controlled manipulation of biological systems for the manufacture of products such as antibiotics, industrial chemicals and genetically modified crops. In the UK, Biotechnology provides a sound base for pursuing a career in any aspect of science.

Business Administration

A Business Administration degree focuses on the planning, running and operations of an organisation. Business Administration programmes offer placements with globally recognised companies allowing students experience first-hand what the profession involves.

Computer Science

A Computer Science degree in UK will provide students with the skills needed to support businesses and organisations. The program will help develop student’s knowledge and ability in IT, games development, software engineering, design and security.


London is one of the leading global financial centres in the world and studying economics here would allow the student to understand theories and their origins. This would be of a huge advantage to any international student. Some of the world’s largest banks and accountancy firms operate in the UK, and upon completion of study there are a large number of opportunities for economic graduates to pursue.


The UK has some of the best and highest ranked engineering schools in the world. Engineers are among the most respected professions in the world; creating almost everything we use. From leisure activities to medical treatment, mobile communications to modern transport systems all have been made possible by engineers.

Hospitality and Tourism

A Hospitality and Tourism degree provides students with the skills needed to travel the world, work in a range of exciting sectors and meet a range of different people from all cultures and backgrounds. Hospitality and Tourism is among the world's most popular industries, employing over 60 million people globally.


International students wishing to register and work in the UK nursing profession are required to complete the Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP) as part of their studies. The ONP may be integrated as part of BSc (Hons) and MSc courses in International Nursing Studies. Upon completion of these course students can gain an undergraduate/postgraduate degree in International Nursing Studies. After completion of the course students can apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to work in the UK.


Sociology is the study about human social activity, structures and functions. A course in sociology focuses on social class, culture, race and ethnicity, gender, social mobility, religion and law. Usually a degree Sociology in the UK may also be combined with accounting, economics, finance and marketing.

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