Free Assessment of your Qualifications!

How does the free qualification check work?

In the free qualification check section, you will need to submit the form below with all the academic details. Once we have received all your details, we shall assess your qualifications and test scores and send you all the possible study options based on the programs you are interested to study in the UK.

Do I have to pay for the Assessment?

No, our Qualifications check is free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny for the assessment of your qualifications.

How long does it take ?

It usually takes 24 hours during normal business days and 48 hours during peak season for the assessment of your qualifications.

How do I get notified about my assessment of qualifications for studying in the UK?

We shall send you the details of your qualification assessment in your email in addition to a text message to notify you of the outcome. You must provide a valid email address and your mobile number during the submission of the assessment form.

Do I have to schedule a separate appointment for counseling?

In the form you can indicate that you want to receive a consultation session if you wish to do so. We shall send you the detailed assessment as well as provide you with an appointment slot for online or offline consultation where we shall provide you each and every guidance for studying in the UK.

Interested in studying in the UK?

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