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Process Overview

Edupark Asia -  Process Overview

How can you study in the UK?

It is natural for students to have confusions regarding the process when they are taking a decision to study abroad no matter where they apply. It is also very important that students are very clear about what they need to do in which point of the application process for studying in the UK. The study abroad process for studying in the UK is explained here:

1. Counseling

During this stage, we assess your academic qualifications and grades, English proficiency and financials and inform you whether you meet the requirements for studying in the UK or not, or what you need to do to study in the UK. 

2. Program & University selection

Upon assessment of your qualifications and other things, we shall guide you for the selection of university based on your budget and the program that you are interested.

3. Application for offer

Submit the required documents such as academic transcripts and certificates, English language test report, statement of purpose and additional documents if required.

4. Pre CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for studies)

During this stage, students are required to complete the following:
  • Obtain No Objection letter
  • Pay tuition fees (usually for the first year is recommended). In case, if it is not possible students can also transfer the initial deposit around 3000-4000 GBP.
  • Get TB certificate* from IOM
  • Get Police Report
  • Prepare for the Credibility Interview
  • Ensure that the student have the required funds matured for at least 28 calendar days before they can apply for CAS.
  • Prepare required additional documents if any such as affidavit of support, relationship certificate with sponsor

5. CAS Application

Once you have prepared the documents listed in the pre-CAS stage, you are ready to apply for CAS. The following documents are required for CAS Application. 

  • Valid passport

  • Student’s Birth certificate (English translation and original in native language)
b) Official Transcripts of records of qualifications (Highest Qualification used to determine entry requirements)

  • English Test Report certificates

  • TB Certificate 

  • ATAS certificate (if required) 

  • Funds in the bank for 28 days or more

  • Receipt of Payment of tuition fees

6. Credibility Interview

Upon the submission of the CAS Application, students will need to pass the Credibility interview held by the university. The interview is used to ascertain whether the applicant is a genuine student applying for entry clearance.

Interview is held over Skype or phone. Upon successful interview the university will process the CAS which usually takes around a week.

Usually the credibility interview focusses on the following aspects:

  • Reasons for choosing to study the specific course and university.
  • Reasons for choosing to study in the UK.
  • Why not study in your home country?
  • How will you fund your studies?
  • Who are your sponsors?

7. Visa Application

a. Confirm your accommodation address

This address will be required during the completion of the visa application form online.

b. Pay the IHS Surcharge

Upon receiving the CAS, students are required to complete the visa application online and during the course of the online visa application form, you will be required to pay for the Immigration Health Surcharge through bank which is 400 GBP per year at the moment. The same amount as your IHS is required for the dependents as well.

c. Submit your visa application online

Upon payment of the IHS surcharge, you will submit your visa application online

d. Book an Appointment

Book an appointment for submission of the visa application at VFS Kathmandu.

e. Submit your application

Visit the VFS along with all the required documents for visa application and the visa application fees (348 GBP). The same amount is required for the dependents as well.

8. Outcome of your visa application

The visa application process usually takes around 3 weeks to complete. Sometimes depending upon the peak season, it can take more time. Once you have received your visa, you will need to plan your travel to the UK.

9. Confirm your accommodation & flight

Before you travel to the UK, it is important that your accommodation and flight is confirmed in addition to ensuring the carry of enough funds for your living in the UK.

10. Arrival at the university

Once you have arrived at the university, register at the international office of the university. The semester usually kicks off with an orientation followed by classes.

Tuberculosis Test

Students must be tested for tuberculosis if they are coming to the UK for more than 6 months and are a resident of a high-risk nationality for TB. The test must be from a clinic approved by the Home Office. Some countries do not have approved testing centres so you’ll need to get tested in a neighbouring country.

Approved testing clinics in Nepal

Tuberculosis test for a UK visa clinics in nepal

If a student has lived for at least 6 months in a country where TB screening is not required by the UK, and the student has been away from that country for no more than 6 months then they will not need a TB test certificate.

Why Choose Edupark Asia
for studying in the UK?

  • Huge number of universities all across the UK to choose from
  • Wide range of courses to choose from
  • Excellent assistance in course selection
  • Need based Consultation to help you manage your financials
  • Individual care and guidance on a personal level
  • Consultants with years of experience to help you throughout your journey
  • Very High level of clients’ satisfaction and privacy at the heart of what we do