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Student Visa Information

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Study visa requirements in the UK

Here we have compiled all the information that you need to know about study visa requirements for studying in the UK.

Please read carefully

Study Visa routes

Short term study

Suitable if you want to study in the UK for a short time (no more than 6 months or 11 months if doing English Language). Students must study with an institution which holds a Tier 4 license, or has been accredited by a recognised body (e.g. BAC, Accreditation UK, ABLS, ASIC).

Short term study visa holders are not allowed to:

  • Work in the UK X Study at a state school X Bring family members with them they must apply separately
  • Extend their stay

Tier 4 (Child)

Suitable if you are aged 4-17 and you want to come to the UK to study at an independent school. Student must have suitable arrangements in place for your travel, reception and care in the UK.

Tier 4 (Child) visa holders are not allowed to:

  • Study at a publicly funded school
  • Take a full-time permanent job or be self employed
  • Change institutions without first informing UKVI
  • Alter the care arrangement put in place as a condition of the visa without informing UKVI

Tier 4 (General)

Suitable if you want to come to the UK to study as an adult student or for post 16 education. Students are allowed to study for a course that is longer than 6 months. In order to apply for a TIER 4 (General visa) you must

  • Have applied for a course with an approved Tier 4 sponsor.
  • Have been issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).
  • Provide all the supporting documentation.
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself.
  • Have an appropriate level of English for your course.

When to apply?

3 months before the start of the course

When can you arrive in the UK?

Up to one month before the course starts provided that your course lasts more than 6 months.

Visa Application checklist

  • Appointment letter and Online application forms
  • CAS Letter
  • TB Certificate
  • Original Passport
  • 2 copies of Data page & alteration page
  • Copies of all UK visas and related stamps on the Passports (if applicable)
  • Academic documents (Degree, 12th and 10th certificates & transcripts)
  • Reference letter -1 (academic)
  • Work Experience certificate (Only if applicable)
  • Bank Balance confirmation letter confirming minimum balance held at the bank for the 28 days prior to the visa submission.
  • Sponsorship letter from the parents/ legal guardian (if parents are sponsoring)
  • Birth Certificate of the student – Native Language and English Translation
  • Birth Certificate of sponsors Native Language and English Translation (if parents/legal guardians are sponsoring)
  • Sponsor’s monthly income – All sources / any other assets
  • Other relevant documents if applicable

How can you apply for your UK visa?

Student can apply for a visa 3 months prior to the course start date.

1. Submit online visa application: 

Visit and chose required service from an application centre:

2. Pay Healthcare Surcharge :

(GBP 400 per year)

3. Book an Appointment

4. Attend appointment

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment time with your documents.

5. Visa application cost

From outside of the UK is GBP 348
Click Here

Priority Visa Service
Decision within 5 working days – USD 288

Super Priority Visa Service
Decision next business day – USD 1254

6. Processing time is 3 weeks for a standard application.

Dependent Visa Applications

Tier 4 (General) Students can have dependents with them in the UK if they:

  • are government-sponsored and their course is full-time and longer than six months OR
  • are doing a postgraduate level full-time course of 9 months or longer at a HEI

The money can be held by the dependent or by student. If the dependent is their child, the funds can be held by the child’s other parent who is lawfully present in the UK or being granted immigration permission at the same time as the child.

The amount of money that each dependent must show is as follows:

  • If student will study in London, each dependent must show £845 for each month of immigration permission student has been granted, this is up to a maximum of 9 months (therefore, a maximum figure of £7,605).
  • If student will study somewhere other than London, each dependent must show £680 for each month of immigration permission student has been granted or will be granted. This is up to a maximum of 9 months (therefore, a maximum figure of £6,120).

Tier 4 (Child) students cannot bring dependents. It is not recommended for Bachelor applicants to plan applying along with their girlfriends or boyfriends as dependent in the UK because most of them are not even of the legal age for marriage. We do not process Bachelor applications who wish to apply along with dependents.

Do I need to face a visa interview in course of visa application for studying in the UK?

Credibility interviews are now part of the Tier 4 visa application process. They were introduced by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) to try and make sure that only genuine students are studying in the UK. It is by invitation only. The interview will normally last for 30 minutes and it will be conducted via video link or a telephone call with a Home Office member of staff in Sheffield in the UK.

Interviews may cover

  • Reasons for choosing to study the specific course and university.
  • Reasons for choosing to study in the UK.
  • Why not study in your home country?
  • How will you fund your studies?
  • Who are your sponsors?

Biometric residence permit

As part of your application, you must also obtain a biometric residence permit (BRP) from UKVI. You will need to make an appointment with UKVI to have your fingers and thumbs scanned and a digital photo taken of your face.

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