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Tuition fees in UK

Student Tuition Fees UK

What is the tuition fee in the UK?

If you are a Nepalese students planning to study in the UK, the first thing that you must take in account is that UK education is not cheap in first glance given the exchange rate between Pound and Nepalese currency but in the long run the overall cost of tuition is much lower compared to other countries because of the fact that the duration of programs are shorter in the UK.

The tuition fees at the universities in the UK can vary depending upon the location you chose to study or the program and the study level you wish to study. However, for a rough estimation, you should take note of the following:

Undergraduate Tuition fees

On average the undergraduate tuition fee can be around 10000-12000 GBP year for most programs. This is the tuition range which most international students tend to apply for. The tuition fees for the foundation or the pathway programs are also more or less the same as first year bachelor degree for most programs.

However, it can vary depending upon the program and institutions of your choice. For e.g. the tuition fees for studying subjects like medicine can be as high as 38,000 GBP.

Postgraduate Tuition fees

Postgraduate tuition fees or master degree tuition fee starts from GBP 11,000 to up to 32,000 GBP per year for international students.

The tuition fee at postgraduate level for courses with extensive laboratory and experimentations such as medicine and/or engineering tend to be more expensive compared to normal subjects which are more theoretical in nature.

A typical Master degree in the UK is shorter than in other countries and hence the overall tuition cost tends to be cheaper.

Scholarships in the UK

Universities in the UK offer a wide range of scholarships, bursaries and other grants to support international students for their studies. Individual universities may have certain specific requirements for merit-based scholarships and most often universities offer a flat discount on the tuition fees to international students.


  1. The number of scholarships offered by universities are often very less compared to the number of applicants. The basic criteria for most scholarship applications is an excellent academic record, very good test scores and some work experience and extracurricular activities. If you want to apply for scholarships, you must apply as early as possible or preferably at least 6 months ahead of the intake. 
  2. If you are applying for studying Bachelor degree in the UK, we strongly recommend you to check your financials and budget properly. Students should not fully depend upon part time jobs to cover their living and tuition fees in the UK. If you are applying for Bachelor degree in the UK, you should pay your first-year tuition fees in full before your visa application and carry at least the living cost of the first six months at the time you travel to the UK for your studies, apart from other expenses.

Living costs

Students must demonstrate that they have enough money to pay the first-year course fees and living expenses which are: 

  • In London - £1,265 for each month of the course, up to a maximum of 9 months.
  • Outside London and elsewhere in the UK - £1,015 for each month of the course, up to a maximum of 9 months. 

One Year Expenses Inside London (in GBP) Outside London (in GBP)

Living Costs: Student



Living Costs: Spouse



Living Costs: Child



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