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Study in the UK

Study in The UK - The United Kingdom has one of the best universities across the world and are often highly ranked due to the world-wide recognition

Studying in the UK can be your most life changing decisions if you are planning to study abroad. Among other things UK is one of the most popular destinations for international students from around the world. A degree from a university in the UK can do wonders for your career no matter where you go after the completion of the degree.

The United Kingdom has one of the best universities across the world and are often highly ranked due to the world-wide recognition of degrees and innovative teaching approach in addition to state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver the best possible education and skills for you to reach your highest potential.

UK is the home of some of the best academic institutions. Some of these academic institutions have over 100 years of history providing high quality education. The high quality of UK education provides the students with life changing learning and opens doors for their future. UK Universities and Colleges are ranked among the best in the world and are known for their strong foundation in research and development. It is therefore a fact that 1 out of 4 of the world leaders was a graduate from the UK education system and 38% of the Nobel Laureates have had their education in the UK.

UK attracts over 600,000 students from around the world. This makes the UK universities and colleges one of the most international and culturally diverse in the world. The UK society itself also very welcoming to international students and migrants. In a survey in 2011 it was revealed that there were over 60,000 Nepalese living and studying in the UK. This only further proves that not only is the UK society welcoming but also one of the safest and popular destinations for Nepalese students and migrants.

Degree programs in the UK take a year less to complete than programs in the USA, although this varies depending upon whether you receive a Master’s degree prior to a PhD. In both systems, you can go directly to a PhD program out of your undergraduate program, but in the UK, it is more common to complete a Master’s degree program before moving on to a PhD. Courses of study are shorter in the UK because the course programs are generally much more focused than in the US.

study in the uk
study in the uk
study in the uk

Why Study in
the UK?

UK has a long history of attracting bright young international students to its excellent academic programs from the world as well as from Nepal. Studying in UK for an international student is a combination of academic as well as social learning. Students have abundant opportunity to socialise and learn not only the academic skills but also build their network which later on helps them to be integrated in the society and find jobs related to their studies in the UK. The most common reasons why international students choose UK as their preferred destination are as follows:

The UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations to study higher education, with more than 600,000 international students enrolling each year. One of the world’s leading destinations for international students, second only to the USA.


High Quality Education & Research

UK universities are among the best in the world, and consistently perform well in world rankings. They also have a reputation for world-class research. Students get the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive forward their careers.
High quality postgraduate study opportunities are also available at the majority of UK universities, with some universities offering sponsorship to extend Tier 4 visas.

World - leading research

The UK is a powerhouse of science and research. With so many universities at the cutting edge of global discoveries and emerging technology, our students graduate with insights and experience that are in high demand around the world. Building on an extraordinary heritage of new discoveries, UK universities continue to be globally-recognised for their commitment to research.

Strong International Reputation

Higher education in the UK has a strong international reputation. International students in the UK have the opportunity to build their skills not only in classroom but also through socialising with students from diverse backgrounds and employers from all over the world have high regards for a UK Qualification.

Globally recognised Qualifications

UK higher education degrees and qualifications are recognised by employers and academics worldwide. This is because of the fact that the quality of education and training in the UK is very high and employers find graduates job ready and able to deliver it in the real world be it in business, science and technology and or research.

Short, flexible courses

The duration of the bachelor and master programs is shorter compared to other countries with some exceptions. Most countries offer a 4-year bachelor degree and 2 years Master degree whereas most bachelor programs in the UK is of 3 years duration and the Master degree programs are of 1-year duration.

Lower costs

UK has a lower cost of education when compared to many developed countries given the fact that duration of the degree programs is shorter. On an average the tuition cost for most bachelor degree programs is around 12000-14000 GBP per year whereas for 13000-16000 GBP for Master programs. These amounts can come down by 25 percent if the scholarships and or bursaries offered by the universities are taken into account.

Part time jobs

An international student enrolled for an academic course longer than 6 months and on a Tier 4 Student visa is allowed to work part time 20 hours during the week and full time during the holidays. This allows the student to earn and support his/her stay in UK reducing the financial burden on the family back home.

Post Study Work

It is possible for International students to apply for 2 years post study work visa in the UK of an undergraduate or master’s degree upon graduation. From summer 2021, international students who have successfully completed an undergraduate or master’s degree will be able to benefit from two years’ work experience in the UK upon graduation, through the new Graduate Route. Students who complete their PhD will be able to stay for three years.

Welcoming Environment

The UK has been a leader in international education and has been welcoming international students since a very long time and people in the UK understand the importance of the students coming from different countries and therefore, students feel at home and at ease the day they arrive in the UK. 14% of the total population of UK are migrants but in cosmopolitan cities like London this percentage is as high as 36%. This shows that UK is a culturally diverse nation and so a foreign student will feel at home while studying in the UK.

Financial support

UK universities and colleges offer financial support to deserving students. Although such assistance may be competitive but deserving students are supported by institutions to pursue their studies in the UK.

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