Why Study in UK?

UK has a long history of attracting bright young international students to its excellent academic programs. Studying in UK for an international student is a combination of academic as well as social learning. Students have abundant opportunity to socialize and learn not only the academic skills but also build their network.

The most common reasons why international students choose UK as their preferred destination are as follows:

1. Strong International Reputation

Higher education in UK has a strong international reputation. International students in the UK have the opportunity to build their skills not only in classroom but also through socializing with students from diverse backgrounds.

2. Easy Research

Potential international students have found it very easy to research and get information on the course available. This ease of access is available on the UCAS.com website which officially lists the available courses of UK.

3. Guide Assistance

UK universities provide students with online application system and provide step by step guide through the admission process. Furthermore UK universities and colleges have appointed certified agents who can also provide students with face to face assistance through the application process.

4. Easy Learning

UK is the home of English Language. International students studying in UK have greatly improved their english language skills upon completing their course. Some international students also come to UK to learn English.

5. Welcoming International Students

UK has a long history of welcoming international students. Many of these students have gone back to their countries to be prominent figures in their countries. The number of international students have grown year on year in the UK and is expected to continue in the coming years.

6. Quality Education

The UK government takes quality of education with great importance. Hence all academic and training institutes of UK undergo stringent quality checks.

7. Diverse Nation

14% of the total population of UK are migrants (https://migrationobservatory.ox.ac.uk/resources/briefings/migrants-in-the-uk-an-overview/) but in cosmopolitan cities like London this percentage is as high as 36%. This shows that UK is a culturally diverse nation and so a foreign student will feel at home while studying in the UK.

8. Affordable course

A typical Bachelor degree in the UK is 3 years as compared to 4 years in USA. A masters degree in UK is 1 year to 1.5 years as compared to 2 years in USA. The courses in UK are of shorter duration which allows students to complete their course sooner and also make the course more affordable in some cases.

9. Flexible Working

An international student enrolled for a academic course longer than 6 months and on a Tier 4 Student visa is allowed to work part time 20 hours during the week and full time during the holidays. This allows the student to earn and support his/her stay in UK reducing the financial burden on the family back home.

10. Financial Support

UK universities and colleges offer financial support to deserving students. Although such assistance may be competitive but deserving students are supported by institutions to pursue their studies in the UK.

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