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PTE in Nepal

Edupark Asia -  PTE in Nepal

Where can you take the PTE test in Nepal?

It is possible to take PTE test in Nepal. The test centre for PTE is available only in Kathmandu at the moment.

PTE Test Centre in Kathmandu is located at:
The British College
Trade Tower
Thapathali, Kathmandu

Note: There are other centres as well which will be displayed during your online test registrations. Please check the one nearest to you.

What is the test fee?

The test fee for PTE Academic test is 180 USD$ +15% USD Tax+Bank Charge and the test fee for PTE Academic UKVI is 180 USD$ +15% USD Tax+Bank Charge. You will need to pay the test fee through bank after completing the online registration process in the website of PTE.

How can you register for the PTE Test?

You can register for the PTE test in the following way:

  1. Register in the online portal []
  2. Complete the test booking
  3. Pay the test fees

If you need help in registering the PTE test, please let us know.